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Club Safety Information Page

This page is intended to provide safety information and tips for our club members. Feel free to send the webmaster any tips you believe are relevant and they will be posted here.

Club Flight Line Definitions From Our Safety Officer:

In accordance with AMA Radio-control Safety Code 3, the members present at the Sunchasers November, 2006, meeting established the following flight line and no-fly safety zone. The flight line is the west edge of the runway beginning at a point perpendicular to the northern most post of the chain link fence extending to a point perpendicular to the southern most point of the chain link fence. The no-fly zone is from the flight line to the west edge of Woodland Ave. Intentional flying over this area is not allowed to help protect other pilots flying or in the pits, visitors in the spectator area, and vehicles in the parking area.

Safety Tips:

  • Never reach over the prop to remove the glow starter. Always walk around behind the airplane to do this.
  • Walk behind the airplane and make sure that the area in front of the airplane and in the plane of the prop is clear before running the engine up. Props have been known to break when you run the engine up!